Our Business

Legal advice

We provide legal advice in all fields and our consultations are accurate and in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable in Iraq and to the owners of companies and even citizens, and advisory services in the areas of trade and industry and contracts and residence and employment and legal protection and others.

Banks and financial institutions

Al-Zein Law Firm and Legal Consultancy works to follow up the procedures of establishing banks, obtaining the establishment license and addressing related parties, as well as managing legal departments for banks and organizing their internal and external legal affairs.

Income taxes and social security

We have a team of competent lawyers to follow up the transactions of our clients in the official departments, follow up transactions and official papers in accordance with the law and instructions, as well as matters related to taxes and property and the strike of income and liquidation under the laws of application and to obtain tax exemptions according to law.

Claims and arbitration

We are made up of teams of lawyers who are distributed in the form of groups and by specializations so that dozens of cases are decided annually in all types of courts such as civil courts, personal cases, courts of misdemeanors and crimes. And all kinds of lawsuits such as debt, reserve and accounting between the partners and claims of possession, and claims relating to contracts of all kinds, as well as in all stages of legal, such as appeal and discrimination. This with the implementation of court judgments with all its legal proceedings.

Visa, Residence and Immigration

Al Zein Law Firm & Legal Consultancy has an integrated team of five lawyers and specialized cadres in the field of residence and visa to enter Iraq so that the knowledge of work, credibility and accuracy in the dates are the most important qualities of lawyers and cadres of this section of the law and legal advice, we work to walk the work of citizens Foreigners without trouble and delay in work.

Real Estate Affairs

We provide our clients and clients with all services related to real estate, such as selling, renting, leasing, taxes, foreclosure, booking real estate executables, real estate transactions, contracts, building agreements, construction, real estate investment agreements, real estate loans and other real estate services.

Corporate Legal Affairs

Al Zein Law Firm & Legal Consultancy has deep experience and experience in various fields of companies, such as establishing various types of companies and activities, opening branches of foreign companies, managing their legal affairs and selling shares of companies, all these until the liquidation of companies and the distribution of shares after liquidation. We have good experience in recruiting and providing qualified lawyers to work in local and international banks and banks and companies operating in Iraq

Employment, employment and legal insurance for the workplace

We guarantee the legal protection of Iraqi and foreign workers in the workplaces and the drafting of the employment contract for employees in the companies working with us.